Fun fitness for kids

Karen Rangel is Founder and CEO of FITWHEELZ.

After completing ChoiceCenter’s leadership program, Karen is now on the move bringing fun fitness and learning to kids all over the Vegas valley!

Her success was recently chronicled by the magazine Vegas Inc:

“Obesity is more rampant than ever today. Our kids are facing a modern health crisis due to physical inactivity and I am here to make a difference

As a child, I remember playing freeze tag, climbing trees, playing soccer, or pretending to be the next track star. Being active at such a young age made me an athlete in middle school, high school, college and even now. I felt that because I was active at a young age, it helped me in my academics — being confident, determined and focused in my school career. As an athlete, quitting was never an option, so whenever I was having a hard time, I knew I would overcome it if I worked harder. I related academics to sports; if I could only get better in this subject as hard as I train, I would conquer anything. And because of that, I am inspired to bring fun fitness and learning to children; to help them master their motor skills before engaging in sports, regardless of their agility level.

Karen Rangel, LV 153,  had been invited to several birthday parties for friends’ children, and always got involved with the children’s activities. A friend noticed that every activity Rangel gave the kids was fitness-related, but they were having fun and didn’t even realize the health benefits of the games they were playing, or how they were learning teamwork or improving their motor skills.

Rangel’s idea for FitWheelz started to form.”

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