Benefits Of Eq In Work

Emotional intelligence is something that can be learned over a lifetime and is best cultivated in an experiential and coaching environment. ChoiceCenter’s Personal Development courses – Discovery and Breakthrough – assist you in becoming aware of your level of emotional intelligence, and provide tools for enhancing your communication, relationship, and leadership skills to maximize success. The Leadership Legacy program is 100 days of personal coaching to put those skills into practice in your life.
Our students find that incorporating experiential learning into their lives dramatically increases their overall performance and achievement by creating a heightened sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in all they do. That’s because ChoiceCenter trainings and personal coaching programs support participants in creating extraordinary results in all areas by teaching students how to integrate what they learn from the workshops into their personal and professional lives. ChoiceCenter’s trainings are designed to significantly and measurably enhance on-the-job performance.

Our graduates report the following results from attending the training:
  • Ability to produce extraordinary results in all areas of life.
  • More effective use of time and time management creation.
  • Conflict resolution
  • Improved communication skills. (Most professionals, especially those in sales, frequently report that this translates directly into increased revenues.)
  • Increased ability to identify multiple solutions to existing challenges.
  • Enhanced personal power and ability to play team, creating win-win solutions.
  • Increased ability to deliver on personal dreams and workplace goals.
  • Willingness to be a team player to achieve desired objectives.
  • Desire to take risks and be challenged.
  • Greater job satisfaction and fulfillment in life.
  • Increased ability to produce desired results with less effort.
  • Deeper caring, not only for loved ones, also for associates and the world at large.
  • Being responsible, creating ownership, and taking responsibility for the results created on the job.
  • Integration of your company’s vision and values as a motivator for creating results.
  • Initiative to lead and take charge.