Become a Certified Coach with ChoiceCenter

Coaching Services Are In Demend

Here at Choicecenter we believe every Coach should have a Personal Master Coach available to them in order to remain highly effective and expansive. When you’re certified through ChoiceCenter, we offer a coaching system that provides this crucial value!

Coaching is the fastest growing tool in business today. According to a research study conducted by Harvard, personal coaching has not only become more mainstream in recent years, but is considered a “badge of honor.” That’s because studies are proving the value of coaching in enhancing the performance of executives and companies.

Coaching supports leaders in getting ahead of the curve, developing their emotional intelligence, enhancing team performance, and creates the fastest path from ideas to execution to increased results.

With the popularity of coaching growing personally and in business environments, ChoiceCenter is proud to offer an intensive certification program for those committed to becoming a professional coach. Certification qualifies you to partner with the Center to profit share through client referrals, as well as to operate your own coaching business.

Levels of Certification

ChoiceCenter is proud to offer certification to those wishing to become a personal and or executive life coach. After graduating from ChoiceCenter’s Personal Development and Leadership programs, you are eligible to enter our certification program to become a Personal Life Coach, Personal and Business Executive Coach, or Master Coach. (Call the Center at 702.838.3988 for more details on applying for certification.)