Keep Your Life & Goals On Target During Quarantine

Training Schedule

Upon your registration, we will provide you with the Zoom Meeting ID to attend the call.
6:00 PM PST
Zoom Workshop
6:00 PM PST
Zoom Workshop
6:00 PM PST
Zoom Workshop
6:00 PM PST

Tuition & Enrollment

Have you ever wished there was a way you could get coaching from a Discovery or Breakthrough trainer? Perhaps on how to deal with a breakdown you’re having in a relationship? Or a self-defeating pattern you want to break through? Or a limiting belief you can’t seem to get beyond? Or a place in your life where you’re confused and need clarity? Or an important decision you need to make?
Well, now there is! In these times of quarantine, Master Trainer Keith Bentz, creator of Journey Within and senior facilitator for Discovery and the Samurai Game®, is offering 90 minutes of online personal coaching once a week for four weeks using the Zoom platform for Leadership graduates or current Leadership course participants.
The format will be like Sunday morning of Discovery – raise your hand and if called on, you will have up to 15 minutes to share and receive coaching. There will be no limits to what you can request coaching on. Any place in your life where you feel stuck or need clarity – anything big or small you’re ready to deal with – can become a coaching opportunity. And as you know, even if you’re not selected to share on a given week, there is always great value in listening to the coaching others receive.
As in the training room, participants will agree to confidentiality ground rules to create an environment where everyone feels free to be open and honest as they share their challenges and requests for support.
The four (4) 90-minute sessions are being offered for $99 and will be held May 18 & 25 and June 1 & 8 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. PST.
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