Story of Relationships with Sylvia Badasci (Guests welcome!)

Training Schedule

Thursday, July 16
Week 1: A New Script
6 pm - 7:15 pm
Thursday, July 23
Week 2: Dress Rehearsal
6 pm - 7:15 pm
Thursday, July 30
Week 3: Showtime!
6 pm - 7:15 pm

Tuition & Enrollment

We practice the roles we play at our jobs. Why not in our relationships?
ChoiceCenter trainer Sylvia Badasci has built a NEW training designed to support us to rewrite old scripts and perform new star-studded roles in our relationships through conscious practice! We invest time & training into the roles we play at work, why not at home? For just $99, Sylvia will guide you through 3 weekly classes to elevate your Oscar-winning role as spouse, child, friend and lover from 6 to 7:15 p.m. PST on July 16th, July 23rd, and July 30th!
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Week 1: A New Script 
We humans tend to get locked into old scripts. We see our self, others & the world through a lens of the past. We do the same things, recreate the same arguments, etc. This week we’ll identify our habitual patterns and awaken our awareness to consciously develop the loving character within us.
Week 2: Dress Rehearsal
We have 24 hours in a day. If we subtract 10 for sleep & nutrition, that leaves 14 to practice something. What are you practicing: being in a hurry, distracted, angry, blaming, judging yourself or others? Whatever we practice we get good at. If you practiced guitar 14 hours a day 7 days a week, you’d master it! Let’s become amazing at what we say really matters – relationship!
Week 3: Showtime!
This is your moment! We often think in future terms – someday my dreams will happen, after quarantine my life will be different, if my partner wasn’t so difficult this relationship would work etc. What we all know – and often ignore – is life is NOW! This moment is all we’ve got! Life is not happening TO me, it’s happening THROUGH me! Each moment, I AM creating my experience! So … why not create something you’re proud of and be the star of your show!
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