COVID Silver Linings: A 3-Part Series

Training Schedule

4/9/ from 6-7:15pm
Upon your registration, we will provide you with the Zoom Meeting ID to attend the call.
4/16/ from 6-7:15pm

4/23/ from 6-7:15pm

Tuition & Enrollment


ChoiceCenter Leadership University trainer Sylvia Badasci is launching a 3-week Zoom series on finding the Silver Linings during COVID-19 in our relationships with self, friends and family, and community.

The series runs for 75-minutes from 6 to 7:15 p.m. PSTon Thursday, April 9th, 16th and 23rd, and is $99 to register at

Week 1: Focus on Self – In the first webinar, you’ll become aware of who you’re being day to day. Are you consciously living as your full self or addicted to your pre-coronavirus ways of avoiding reality – using alcohol, sugar, and binging on TV. Learn how to shift and use your time and energy to become present and connected, moment to moment.

Week 2: Focus on Others – At a time where grief is all around us – grieving a loss of space, connection, work and people – it’s important to recognize we all handle grief differently. Learn to drop the judgement on those you’re confined with and create conversations for intimacy in the midst of the fire and fear of quarantine.

Week 3: Focus on Community– What will life be like after COVID-19? Will we inherit a world where we fear touching and being less than 6 feet apart? Will we return to the status quo? Or will we create a new kind of community where people check-in on others, connect regularly, and consider the global community? What are the possibilities moving forward and how can we be co-creators, starting now. You’ll explore all this and more in this powerful, interactive learning series.

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