Is ChoiceCenter’s Training about Emotional Intelligence?

Yes. The term Emotional Intelligence (EQ – emotional quotient) was popularized in the 1995 book by Daniel Goleman where the author suggested that a high IQ isn’t the most significant predictor of success in life and leadership. To thrive, you need to develop a high degree of Emotional Intelligence, which is your skill set in relating to people and building relationships.

There are five components to Emotional Intelligence:

  • self-awareness (understanding of your own moods, emotions and drive and how they impact others)
  • self-regulation (thinking before you respond, and suspending judgment of others and yourself)
  • motivation (developing a passion for what you do that transcends money and status, and pursuing goals with energy and persistence)
  • empathy (understanding the emotions of others)
  • social skills (the ability to develop rapport and intimacy to create and manage relationships)

Emotional intelligence is something that can be learned over a lifetime and is best cultivated in an experiential and coaching environment. ChoiceCenter’s Personal Development courses – Discovery and Breakthrough – assist you in becoming aware of your level of emotional intelligence, and provide tools for enhancing your communication, relationship, and leadership skills to maximize success. The Leadership Legacy program is 100 days of personal coaching to put those skills into practice in your life.