My friend went to the training and I didn’t see a lot of difference in them. How do I know it will work for me and I will be able to create results?

The training is like a gym membership – it works best when you use it. Consider this parallel. You and your friend can enroll at the gym on the same day, and three months later one of you has lost 25lbs. and 10 inches, and one of you is exactly the same as the day you started. Why? Because while you both have access to the same tools, fitness coaching and equipment, you must also have the desire and drive to access what’s available to you. The treadmill doesn’t wake you up in the morning and press the start button. YOU have to want to live a healthy lifestyle and step onto the machine and challenge yourself. If you don’t use your gym membership, does it mean the treadmill and free weights don’t work? Of course not, and the same goes with the training. If you are ready to develop yourself to achieve your next level of success in life, the technology of the curriculum and the expertise of the coaches are there to support you in creating extraordinary results.