What makes the curriculum unique?

Two things distinguish ChoiceCenter’s curriculum – our educational approach and the level of accountability we hold to apply the learning in your life. Our trainings are delivered in an experiential learning format, which means there is approximately 25% lecture and the rest is participation in exercises, games, role plays, discussions and processes that have you experience how you make decisions, lead, interact on teams and with family, and make choices from your current belief system. This experiential model of teaching creates long-term retention of the learning. (See question regarding the effectiveness of experiential vs. didactic education.)
The second distinguishing factor of ChoiceCenter’s curriculum is that our 100-day Leadership Legacy program maximizes your results by holding you accountable to apply the learning and live it in your life. Most seminars and workshops you attend inspire you while you are in the classroom, but the inspiration quickly evaporates as we return home to our everyday responsibilities. This is because there is no follow through mechanism to have you live the learning. By contrast, in Leadership, a personal coach will hold you accountable to achieve the goals you declare, which will have you shift your habits and continue to inspire yourself with your results and outcomes. Achieving your goals is part of the criteria to graduate.