Where should I stay during the trainings?

For the Discovery course, students typically stay in one of the hotels listed below, unless you prefer to be hosted in a private home, in which case the person who enrolled you can support you with arrangements. After meeting so many new people in Discovery, graduates often choose to stay with a local student for Breakthrough and Leadership.
If you want a great hotel experience a short distance from the Center (less than 5 minutes), The Element by Westin is a green property two exits away on I-215 and Town Center Drive in Summerlin. To book, call 702.589.2013 and ask for the ChoiceCenter negotiated rate, which is $120 for a studio or $130 for a king suite a night.
If looking for a resort experience closer to all the Las Vegas excitement, (remember Discovery doesn’t begin until 6:30 p.m. on Thursday), ChoiceCenter LV1 graduate Anthony Marnell is the owner of the M Resort on Las Vegas Blvd and St. Rose Parkway. Call 702.797.1000 or go to www.themresort.com to book.