Helpie FAQ

Helpie FAQ

  • What is ChoiceCenter?

    ChoiceCenter Leadership University is the leader in Emotional Intelligence-based personal development and leadership training, as well as business and life coaching. Courses are designed for high performers wishing to identify and eliminate any barriers or limiting beliefs that prevent them from reaching their next level of success in all domains of life.
    What distinguishes us is our experiential learning style – which is the fastest and most profound way to learn and retain knowledge – and our Leadership Legacy program, which provides you with a 100-day runway to practice using the tools you acquire while supported by coaches, trainers and teammates who champion and challenge you to accomplish goals you design to elevate the quality of your life.

  • What is experiential learning?

    Athletes work with coaches to improve their performance. They run game film to see what adjustments can be made to produce bigger and bigger results. Every level of achievement is a steppingstone to the next level: win the game, then the division title, the playoffs, the Super Bowl, then five championships in a row.
    Hiring a coach for your personal and professional goals is no different. Together, you will run the “game film” on how you’re performing in your business, relationships, finances, community, and health and wellness, and course correct and stretch yourself to achieve your maximum results.

  • Is ChoiceCenter's Training about Emotional Intelligence?

    Yes. The term Emotional Intelligence (EQ – emotional quotient) was popularized in the 1995 book by Daniel Goleman where the author suggested that a high IQ isn’t the most significant predictor of success in life and leadership. To thrive, you need to develop a high degree of Emotional Intelligence, which is your skill set in relating to people and building relationships.

    There are five components to Emotional Intelligence:

    • self-awareness (understanding of your own moods, emotions and drive and how they impact others)
    • self-regulation (thinking before you respond, and suspending judgment of others and yourself)
    • motivation (developing a passion for what you do that transcends money and status, and pursuing goals with energy and persistence)
    • empathy (understanding the emotions of others)
    • social skills (the ability to develop rapport and intimacy to create and manage relationships)

    Emotional intelligence is something that can be learned over a lifetime and is best cultivated in an experiential and coaching environment. ChoiceCenter’s Personal Development courses – Discovery and Breakthrough – assist you in becoming aware of your level of emotional intelligence, and provide tools for enhancing your communication, relationship, and leadership skills to maximize success. The Leadership Legacy program is 100 days of personal coaching to put those skills into practice in your life.

  • What is Discovery and Breakthrough?

    ChoiceCenter’s Personal Development curriculum is one course divided into three parts – Discovery, Breakthrough and Leadership. Discovery is an experiential workshop in which you will have an opportunity to discover the underlying belief systems and views that determine your experiences and results in life. You will begin choosing behaviors and actions consistent with your vision for your life that will produce a profound shift in how you view and relate to yourself and others, allowing you to reach your goals with less effort and stress.
    Breakthrough is an intensive, breakthrough-oriented workshop that offers the opportunity to overcome past and present circumstances to accomplish the extraordinary. Breakthrough will support you to let go of past limitations and belief systems, connect you fully to your authentic self, transform your relationship with fear, and access full self-expression, freedom, and personal power to create powerful results.

  • What is the Leadership Legacy Program?

    Leadership Legacy is designed to integrate the skills and insights of Discovery and Breakthrough into your daily life so you can achieve sustainable success and a life that inspires you. Your life is the classroom in this 100-day intensive training where you receive daily personal coaching to achieve quantum leap results both personally and professionally. This fast-paced leadership environment focuses on living from vision and intention, creating extraordinary personal results, making a difference through community service and teamwork, and leaving a legacy by transforming yourself and others.

  • Do I need to live in Las Vegas to participate in 100 days of Leadership?

    No. During the course of your 100-day Leadership program you will have two (2) training weekends that are virtual (Saturdays and Sundays on Zoom) and one weekend that is live in Las Vegas (Friday morning at 9 a.m. to Sunday at 7 p.m.) All other coaching and training is accomplished on the phone or Zoom.

  • How many training days are included in my tuition?

    There are a total of 20 in-classroom training days and 100 days of personal coaching included in your tuition. Discovery is 3 evenings and a weekend. Breakthrough is 4 days. Leadership includes three 3-day weekends. Your third weekend of Leadership includes an out-of-town retreat, and your tuition covers your food and lodging for two evenings and three days. Additionally, Leadership includes approximately 12 experiential learning modules that are delivered on Tuesday evenings. You can participate via telephone if you live out of town for these 2-hour mini-workshops.

  • Am I required to attend all days of the training?

    Yes. In order to maximize the value of the workshops for all participants, we require you to attend all scheduled training days in each level of the course.

  • My friend went to the training and I didn't see a lot of difference in them. How do I know it will work for me and I will be able to create results?

    The training is like a gym membership – it works best when you use it. Consider this parallel. You and your friend can enroll at the gym on the same day, and three months later one of you has lost 25lbs. and 10 inches, and one of you is exactly the same as the day you started. Why? Because while you both have access to the same tools, fitness coaching and equipment, you must also have the desire and drive to access what’s available to you. The treadmill doesn’t wake you up in the morning and press the start button. YOU have to want to live a healthy lifestyle and step onto the machine and challenge yourself. If you don’t use your gym membership, does it mean the treadmill and free weights don’t work? Of course not, and the same goes with the training. If you are ready to develop yourself to achieve your next level of success in life, the technology of the curriculum and the expertise of the coaches are there to support you in creating extraordinary results.

  • Who are the workshops designed for?

    The workshops are designed for people who desire to accelerate their results and are motivated to live their dream life – now. We find those who benefit most from our programs are adults who have already achieved a certain measure of accomplishment, learning and success, and who are looking to take themselves to the next level of achievement in life.

  • Are the workshops appropriate for those with alcoholism or other chemical dependencies?

    No, the workshops are not designed to deal with the problems of alcoholism or chemical dependency. If you need support in these areas, we encourage you to seek qualified professional assistance. If you have attended a program for dealing with these issues, you must have completed your program at least six months before attending our workshops and will need a doctor’s signature to enroll. To maximize the value of the workshops, all students will be asked to refrain from drinking alcohol or taking non-prescribed, mood-altering drugs during the workshop training days. If this presents a problem for you, we recommend you not attend the training.

  • Do you recommend taking the workshop with people I know?

    ChoiceCenter’s courses provide the opportunity to share publicly, but much of the sharing is done in small groups or dyads (two people working together). Those interchanges are designed for your privacy and for the opportunity to meet new people. By the end of each course, most people wish they had shared that time with their friends, colleagues and family members, but ultimately there is no definitive answer. We recommend you discuss this question with your orientation coach.

  • My friend enrolled me. Do they receive a financial incentive for this?

    No. None. Since opening in 1998, ChoiceCenter has existed without running advertisements or commercials or providing incentives to graduates. Our students simply experience such powerful results in their lives that they want to pay the experience forward and share it with those they love. We are grateful to our graduates for their commitment to keep this learning methodology thriving, but want you to know that they do it simply because their greatest reward is seeing you live your biggest, juiciest life.

  • Will the coach I have for my orientation be my coach throughout my training?

    No. Upon registering, you will schedule an orientation call with one of our coaches. Depending on how many weeks fall between your registration and first course, you may have several coaching sessions on your goals before class begins. Once you enter Discovery, you will receive a Discovery coach, just as you will a Breakthrough coach. On your first weekend of Leadership, you will be paired with the coach who will work with you for the next 100 days.

  • Will the workshops improve my career performance?

    When you do transformational work, it is reflected in every aspect of your life. The ability to consistently produce results on the job, with less effort and energy expended, is the most common job-related result people experience after completing our curriculum. We offer a brochure on Workplace Benefits you can download here, but results often reported include:

    • Becoming more responsible for creating results and taking ownership within the company
    • Breaking out of comfort zones, and excelling beyond self-imposed limitations
    • More risk-taking and eagerness to take-on challenges
    • Enhanced ability to handle stress more effectively
    • Becoming a team player to increase overall company performance
    • Ability to manage others more effectively
    • Recognition of areas that may not be working, with clarity in finding solutions to the problem
    • Greater satisfaction with work and accomplishment
  • What type of exercises are included in the workshops?

    The training is an experiential learning program that consists of 25% lecture, 25% sharing and 50% experiential exercises. You will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of learning processes that allow you too look constructively at important areas of your life. That value that you derive from these exercises will depend on your willingness to participate fully, and to apply what you learn in your daily life. The types of experiential learning processes you will experience include:
    Interactive Discussions
    The trainer will present various topics relevant to living in today’s world. In these discussions, the trainer will share a particular point of view about these subjects. The purpose is not for you to agree or disagree with what is said, but rather to assist you in observing how you relate to these particular subjects. In observing yourself in the training, you can learn about your principles, commitments, and relationships.
    A dyad is a one-on-one interaction with another participant. You may be asked to answer a series of questions, tell a story, complete sentences, or assume a particular body stance. You will have the opportunity to look directly at personal issues and to support your dyad partner in doing the same.
    A mingle exercise involves moving throughout the room while having short interactions with many people. As in dyads, the communication you have with other people during a mingle is structured.
    Small Group Exercises
    At the start of the training you will choose a small group with an average of 6-12 other participants. During the training, you will meet with your small group to discuss and share what you are learning as well as to participate in other experiential exercises. A volunteer staff member will act as facilitator for your group.
    Closed-Eye Processes
    During a closed-eye process, the trainer will guide you through a creative visualization. Frequently, music and the lowering of lights are used during these processes to facilitate relaxation and promote creativity.
    You will, as part of a group, play games to reveal the competitive and cooperative strategies you use, and also to illuminate the possibility of meeting both group and individual commitments throughout your life.
    Throughout the training you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself through communication: speaking about what you are learning, and listening to the experiences of others. Such sharing occurs one-on-one, in small groups, or in front of the entire training group.
    Interactions with the Trainer
    At times, you may have direct interaction with the trainer. The trainer will relate to you from the perspective that you are capable of effectively handling the circumstances in your life and that you are committed to extraordinary accomplishments. The trainer will also ask you to take personal responsibility rather than being powerless in the face of life’s obstacles. Interaction with the trainer is an opportunity for you to examine the limitations of your world view, therefore you may feel challenged, anxious or uncomfortable in going outside of your comfort zone.
    At the close of each day you will be given a homework assignment to be completed before the next session begins. The homework is designed for you to continue your discovery, bring greater clarity to what you are learning, and prepare you for the next day’s session.

  • What should I bring with me to the workshop?

    Pack comfortable, casual attire. You will be active in the training, so wear clothes and shoes you can move in. We recommend dressing in layers, so you can adjust to the temperature as you become more or less active. Food is not permitted inside the training room, but you should pack light snacks for breaks. There is an area outside the classroom for you to safely store these items. You may have water at your seat, and we encourage you to bring several bottles to class each day. On Sunday of the Discovery and Breakthrough course, bring dressy attire for your graduation celebration.

  • Is the Center wheelchair accessible?

    Yes. And we are happy to assist anyone with special needs.

  • How far is the Center from the airport and The Strip?

    McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Strip are about a 10-minute drive from the Center, which is located at I-215 and Russell road in the Desert Canyon Business Park.

  • Where should I stay during the trainings?

    For the Discovery course, students typically stay in one of the hotels listed below, unless you prefer to be hosted in a private home, in which case the person who enrolled you can support you with arrangements. After meeting so many new people in Discovery, graduates often choose to stay with a local student for Breakthrough and Leadership.
    If you want a great hotel experience a short distance from the Center (less than 5 minutes), The Element by Westin is a green property two exits away on I-215 and Town Center Drive in Summerlin. To book, call 702.589.2013 and ask for the ChoiceCenter negotiated rate, which is $120 for a studio or $130 for a king suite a night.
    If looking for a resort experience closer to all the Las Vegas excitement, (remember Discovery doesn’t begin until 6:30 p.m. on Thursday), ChoiceCenter LV1 graduate Anthony Marnell is the owner of the M Resort on Las Vegas Blvd and St. Rose Parkway. Call 702.797.1000 or go to to book.

  • How can I register for the training?

    You can register by clicking here, or calling us at 702.838.3988. Registration is complete when we receive your enrollment form and a minimum tuition payment of $300.

  • How can I save on my tuition?

    ChoiceCenter offers three options for savings on your Personal Development tuition. You can save $400 when your tuition is paid in full at the time of registration, save $300 when your tuition is paid in full 21 days before the training begins, or save $100 when your tuition is paid in full 10 days before the training begins.

  • What if I can't take the class I registered for? What is the refund policy?

    All tuition is non-refundable. A $300 deposit is required to reserve your seat in any ChoiceCenter workshop.* The deposit is non-transferrable. In the event that a workshop is rescheduled due to COVID, all tuition will be transferable to the rescheduled event.
    If you do not attend the Emotional Intelligence “EQ” Leadership Development Training for which you registered, you may transfer any amount over your $300 deposit to another course or another participant for up to 6 months from the payment date. A $200 fee will be applied when transferring to a training on a future date, and will be waived if the transfer is to an earlier date.
    If you do not attend the Signature course for which you registered, you may transfer any amount over your $300 deposit to another course or another participant for up to 1 year from the payment date.
    Requests to transfer tuition must be submitted by the person who made the payment, and should be sent to
    *Journey Within, Goddess Retreat, Men’s Retreat, and Business EQ Mastery all require a deposit of $500.

  • When will my orientation begin?

    As soon as you register, a coach will reach out to schedule your orientation and coaching sessions.

  • What makes the curriculum unique?

    Two things distinguish ChoiceCenter’s curriculum – our educational approach and the level of accountability we hold to apply the learning in your life. Our trainings are delivered in an experiential learning format, which means there is approximately 25% lecture and the rest is participation in exercises, games, role plays, discussions and processes that have you experience how you make decisions, lead, interact on teams and with family, and make choices from your current belief system. This experiential model of teaching creates long-term retention of the learning. (See question regarding the effectiveness of experiential vs. didactic education.)
    The second distinguishing factor of ChoiceCenter’s curriculum is that our 100-day Leadership Legacy program maximizes your results by holding you accountable to apply the learning and live it in your life. Most seminars and workshops you attend inspire you while you are in the classroom, but the inspiration quickly evaporates as we return home to our everyday responsibilities. This is because there is no follow through mechanism to have you live the learning. By contrast, in Leadership, a personal coach will hold you accountable to achieve the goals you declare, which will have you shift your habits and continue to inspire yourself with your results and outcomes. Achieving your goals is part of the criteria to graduate.

  • How long has ChoiceCenter been in business?

    ChoiceCenter was founded in 1998 in Las Vegas, however the experiential learning model that has become the ChoiceCenter curriculum was developed in the late 1950s. It has sustained itself so many decades because it is proven to empower participants to access a much higher degree of accomplishment and results than traditional learning methods of lecture, reading and observation.