David Silverman, building a community

David Silverman, LV127 Torchbearer, founded NFM Lending in 1998 in a tiny corner office in Baltimore with three employees. Today NFM Lending has grown into an award-winning national lender that employs over 400 people with 40-branches.

“While attending ChoiceCenter’s courses, I transformed my business. I listened, communicated the company vision, and the results came to me. When I put my focus on positive energy, great results happened. In the past, I would just sum it up to luck. In reality, there are no coincidences. Since Choice, I’ve broken all kinds of personal and business records. The one I appreciate the most is being recognized as the number one place to work in Maryland – and that’s voted by the employees. That does not happen unless you are connected to your people and the community.”

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