Environmentally friendly clothing line launches

Antonio Moreno founder of DeepVibes Apparel has quickly become the preferred outfitter of ChoiceCenter. “Without saying a word, the clothes we wear start to communicate our message to the world. This unspoken message is often referred to as our vibe,” said Moreno.  ForMoreno, it was important that he created products locally in the USA, that communicate a vibration of social consciousness, quality, and environmental conservation.

DeepVibes partners with charities and finances initiatives that promote social equality and the conservation of our environment. Every garment has been knit, cut, sewn, and dyed in the USA, with the health of our planet at the front of our consciousness. We are a proud member of 1 Percent for the Planet.

“ChoiceCenter really was a wake-up call for me,” said Moreno. “Although I was already enjoying success in my career, I realized that I hadn’t even begun to create a legacy. DeepVibes is the start of this legacy. I’m not selling clothing. I’m promoting a lifestyle of social consciousness and giving.” Aside from producing sustainable, socially conscious apparel, DeepVibes also partners with “1 Percent for the Planet” and finances initiatives that promote social equality and the conservation of our environment.Every piece of clothing you wear has a story that can’t be seen. The story of our apparel is social consciousness and environmental protection. High Vibration ideologies that are paramount to the production of our clothing. We are committed to making choices that promote the health of our planet and the health of mankind. Moreover, we are committed to providing content that facilitates our collective awakening of consciousness.”

Learn more at https://www.deepvibes.com/


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