Donnell Walston

Donnell Walston

Certified Coaches

Donnell Walston has been a mainstay at ChoiceCenter since 2007 when she took the Emotional Intelligence Leadership courses herself. In July of 2014, she assumed the role as Executive Director at ChoiceCenter. As such, she oversees the overall operations and administration of the center while providing a solid framework and strategies for the personal development and leadership courses.

Donnell holds a Masters in Business Administration as well as a Masters in Adult Education both from the University of Phoenix. She worked as the Director of Training and Development for MGM Resorts for 14 years, and Wirtz Beverage, a local premium beverage distributor for four years. In those roles, Donnell supported employees with their development, expansion of skill sets, and promotion or place within the company.

Donnell attributes her success as a ChoiceCenter coach to her nearly two decades of experience coaching people in business for what’s next. Now, at ChoiceCenter, she says she has the opportunity to extend that into other domains of peoples’ lives including family and community.