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Michael Rosso

Michael Rosso has 35 years experience as a professional facilitator and coach. He has worked with more than 50,000 people worldwide in the areas of personal awareness, leadership development, high-performance team building and coaching. He has designed and delivered continuing education workshops throughout the United States, in Russia, Mexico and Asia. His work supports and […]

Jenn Tuttle

Jennifer Tuttle is the former President and CEO of the Make a Wish Foundation of Nevada, and graduated from ChoiceCenter’s LV78 Leadership program in 2007. She has been coaching professionally with the Center since 2008. Jenn is an outstanding business and career coach because she’s owned and operated numerous companies throughout her career, including serving […]

Pam Ginsburg

Pam Ginsburg graduated from ChoiceCenter’s LV109 Leadership program in 2010. Pam has coached professionally at the Center since 2011, and specializes in relationship coaching. Pam and her husband, Gary (LV111), have been married for 36 years. They have 3 children, Ali (LV107), Jordan (LV110), and Shana (LV164). Ali met her husband, Ahmed Khalifa (LV93) at […]

Lindsay Picker

Lindsay Picker is a certified coach in ChoiceCenter.

Donnell Walston

Donnell Walston has been a mainstay at ChoiceCenter since 2007 when she took the Emotional Intelligence Leadership courses herself. In July of 2014, she assumed the role as Executive Director at ChoiceCenter. As such, she oversees the overall operations and administration of the center while providing a solid framework and strategies for the personal development […]

Kristy Arnett

After a decade working in the poker industry as a reporter and then professional player, I’ve been taking risks throughout my entire career. But the biggest risk I ever took was for my marriage. Andrew and I fell in love on our very first date playing poker together. We moved to Las Vegas from the […]

Kelly Benstead

Kelly Benstead is a 2007 graduate of ChoiceCenter’s LV78 Leadership program and has coached professionally with the Center since 2008. She is currently coordinating the Leadership teams and training many of the Leadership weekends. Through this education, Kelly has learned how to navigate through the different and always changing stages of her life, such as […]

Chris Lee

Chris Lee holds a degree in Psychology and Communications from Northeastern University. A Discovery, Breakthrough and Leadership trainer for almost 25 years, Chris has trained more than 30,000 students through his work in Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, and Las Vegas. Chris is fluent in Spanish and English, and delivers trainings in both […]

Robert Pleasants

Robert Pleasants is a Teen Leadership and adult Leadership Legacy trainer for ChoiceCenter. Based in Virginia Beach, Robert holds a degree in Communications from Georgia State, and has been delivering transformational trainings since 1988. For more than 20 years, Robert has consistently delivered hundreds of three- to five-day workshops on various topics relating to contemporary […]