Kelly Benstead

Kelly Benstead

Certified Coaches

Kelly Benstead is a 2007 graduate of ChoiceCenter’s LV78 Leadership program and has coached professionally with the Center since 2008. She is currently coordinating the Leadership teams and training many of the Leadership weekends. Through this education, Kelly has learned how to navigate through the different and always changing stages of her life, such as having little kids, being an empty nester, and taking care of her parents. Through the Business EQ Mastery Training, Kelly and her husband, Guy, (LV78), have developed a Real Estate Investment company, which has allowed them to achieve financial freedom.

Kelly spent many years in a career as a Certified Shorthand Reporter and Registered Professional Reporter in San Diego, and San Francisco. She also was the Office Manager and Bookkeeper for various court reporting firms. In her personal life, she and her husband, Guy have been married more than 28 years. They are the parents to their twin daughters, Delaney and Taylor (LV152), and their son, Patrick (LV114).