Michael Rosso

Michael Rosso

Meet The Trainers

Michael Rosso has 35 years experience as a professional facilitator and coach. He has worked with more than 50,000 people worldwide in the areas of personal awareness, leadership development, high-performance team building and coaching.

He has designed and delivered continuing education workshops throughout the United States, in Russia, Mexico and Asia. His work supports and empowers individuals, business executives, educators and youth to realize more of their potential by developing visions and goals and accountability to enhance their effectiveness.

Once becoming a senior trainer, Michael has led Masters Courses throughout the world for the last 20 years. He has supervised Masters Creation Teams, empowered city staffs and facilitated thousands of students in their pursuit of personal mastery.

He began work in experiential education after a career as an opera singer in the United States and Europe, and he brings to his work a deep understanding and practice of effective professional coaching relationships.

As an athlete and youth sports coach, Michael has broad experience with both individual and team coaching dynamics. He is the founder of Master the Mental Game, a coaching and development company dedicated to the principles of mastery in sport and is licensed to provide one-on-one coaching for HeartMath®. He and his wife own Sonoma Rosso, a wine country retreat in Northern California (USA).

Michael did his undergraduate work in English Literature at University of California, Santa Barbara, and post-graduate work in music at University of California, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (USA).