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Michael Rosso

Michael Rosso has 35 years experience as a professional facilitator and coach. He has worked with more than 50,000 people worldwide in the areas of personal awareness, leadership development, high-performance team building and coaching. He has designed and delivered continuing education workshops throughout the United States, in Russia, Mexico and Asia. His work supports and […]

Chris Lee

Chris Lee holds a degree in Psychology and Communications from Northeastern University. A Discovery, Breakthrough and Leadership trainer for almost 25 years, Chris has trained more than 30,000 students through his work in Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, and Las Vegas. Chris is fluent in Spanish and English, and delivers trainings in both […]

Robert Pleasants

Robert Pleasants is a Teen Leadership and adult Leadership Legacy trainer for ChoiceCenter. Based in Virginia Beach, Robert holds a degree in Communications from Georgia State, and has been delivering transformational trainings since 1988. For more than 20 years, Robert has consistently delivered hundreds of three- to five-day workshops on various topics relating to contemporary […]

Keith Bentz

Keith Bentz is a master trainer, training designer, and trainer of trainers. In his 26 years in the field of experiential education, he has personally led trainings for more than 60,000 men and women in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. Keith completed his undergraduate and graduate work at Stanford University, where he […]

Dr. Jorge Haddock

Trainer Dr. Jorge Haddock is Dean and Professor of Management Science and Information Systems at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Prior to this assignment, he served as Dean of the School of Management at George Mason University. A professor who teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses in Executive MBA and Global Leadership, Jorge has also […]

Sylvia Badasci

Discovery trainer Sylvia Badasci, M.A., is a world-renowned facilitator of personal growth and emotional intelligence. She has facilitated workshops and seminars in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Chile, Russia, Mexico and Spain. Her skill of fiercely holding her students accountable for their lives, along with her enormous love and compassion for the human condition, makes […]

Robyn Williams

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer  Robyn Williams is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ChoiceCenter Leadership University, a leader in the field of EQ, personal development and leadership training designed for people in pursuit of personal excellence who want to take their lives to the next level of success. Professional Trainer and Master Coach […]

Berenice Ramos

Berenice Ramos has been empowering leaders since 2004 where she dedicates herself to coordinating and imparting processes of personal transformation, leadership and personal effectiveness, in short, of life coaching. During the past 11 years she has facilitated more than 250 seminars approximately with over 9000 people. Bere helps people understand and reach their limitations, and […]